Organizational Vision 公司抱負

To be a client-focused main contractor

Our company is committed to provide high quality services for satisfying the clients’ needs in Hong Kong market. In order to achieving win-win approach, we can provide the appropriate and professional advice to meet clients’ requirements though our generous experience, latest knowledge, strongest technical team and

skillful management strategies.

本公司致力於香港市場提供優質的服務,一切以客為先。憑藉豐富的工程經驗及與時並進的行內知識, 為客戶提供合適而且專業的方案,加上優秀的工程團隊配合有效率的管理策略,發揮超卓的專業服務, 從而滿足客戶需要,達至雙贏局面。

Organizational Mission 公司使命

To provide realistic and diversfied decoration services

Our company ensures to provide professional and reliable service for maintaining term co-operative relationship with the existing clients and building up positive image to cooperate with potential clients. We serve clients with a wide-variety of decoration services, including Interior tting-out works, Renovation works, Demolition and reinstatement works, Maintenance works, Play Equipment and decoration works, External nishes works, Structural repairing works,

Water proofing works, etc.

本公司提供專業和可靠服務,以確保與現有客戶維持⻑期合作關係,並在建立正面形象同時與 具潛質客戶合作。所提供的多元化服務包括:室內裝修工程、翻新工程、清拆及還原工程、維修工程、 玩樂設施及裝飾工程、外牆雲石工程、結構維修工程及防漏工程等。

Service Tenet 服務宗旨

As a company with a social conscience, comply with Hong Kong Government Building Regulation is our basic principle. Before the works commence, we can give appropriate advice to clients after site inspection under normal situation. Besides, we also can provide general documentation as required in Tender, such as Minor work submission form for informing Building Department that the works will be commenced and completed. In order to ensure the project runs smoothly and complete on time, we assign a site foreman for each project for monitoring. Maintaining workplace in safety is also significant, so our employees are required to wear the basic safety hardware under the guidelines which aims to reduce the risk of accidents in the project.

本 司作為一間 心企業,服 一 合符香 政 築 例為基本原則。 有 工程 工地 情況 予 戶 當 見,除此 提供有 一 例 規 文件,例如小型工程申 書等。 工程期間, 司會 地 工妥善 行工 , 求 工程順利 行 成。為保 工程質量 全,本 司員工 會 全 則配戴基本 全 , 減 工程上 生 的風險。